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The 9th Honeysuckle Developing Conference Hold in Pingyi Successfully
Jun 01, 2018

Honeysuckle, which is the main agriculture product in Pingyi, a county in Linyi, Shandong got a highly popularity today. A thematic conference was hold, to push the development of honeysuckle, aims to reach a chain of Honeysuckle industry and to improve the production.


Pingyi, the cradle of Honeysuckle enjoy a great percentage of Chinese Honeysuckle production with planting area breaks through 650 thousand mu and 18 million jin of dry flowers per year. There is a complete honeysuckle industry chain as the economic pillar of the county. Pingyi honeysuckle brand Shuangdibiao is the first national geographical indication product and national geographical indication trademark. In 2017, it was selected as the ten national public brand of precision poverty alleviation region.

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