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The Function and Role of Lutein
Feb 28, 2018

Lutein.jpgLutein on the macular in the retina has an important protective effect, lack of easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision, resulting in vision loss, myopia and other symptoms. The main physiological function of lutein on the eye is as an antioxidant and photoprotective effect. Optic nerve is not renewable, vulnerable to harmful free radical damage, the antioxidant effect of lutein can inhibit the formation of harmful free radicals. Lutein can absorb a large amount of blue light, the wavelength of blue visible light is close to that of ultraviolet light, which is a kind of light that can reach the potential hazard in the visible light of the retina. Before reaching the sensitive cells in the retina, the light first passes through the highest concentration of lutein, which can be minimized if the lutein content is high at the macula.

Lutein strong antioxidant, can inhibit the activity of reactive oxygen species, to prevent reactive oxygen free radicals damage to normal cells. Lutein can inactivate singlet oxygen through physical or chemical quenching to protect the body from injury and enhance the body's immunity.

Normal visual acuity, objects falling on the macula after imaging, the light focused on high energy, the normal human body is to rely on retinal macular defender - lutein, absorb toxic ultraviolet light, blue light, protect the visual cells, to prevent being killed by burn.

When the eyes of the macula lutein content is insufficient, can not absorb ultraviolet light, blue light, eyeballs In order to protect the visual cells are not poisoned by poison, will produce stress response, efforts to adjust the eye backwards, avoid light focus, so that the object After imaging in front of the macula, the formation of myopia.

However, if the eye's lutein content has not changed, the eyes also suffer from toxic light damage, the eye will continue to adjust backwards to protect themselves, resulting in increased myopia. When a certain age, the regulation of the eye stops, there is no protection of lutein, light will permanently damage the optic nerve, so in the middle and old age, a variety of serious eye diseases, and even blindness.

As long as our eyes are bright, the xanthophylls in the retina continue to be depleted, which is a serious lack of lutein in our diet, and modern ways of life give people more time to work with their eyes and nourish their eyes for the long term Lutein extreme lack of early visual fatigue, and the progressive development of myopia, presbyopia, cataracts, floaters, night blindness, and even blindness. Modern nutrition studies have confirmed that lutein is an effective factor in the improvement of these eye conditions, in addition, there is no better drug to achieve such a satisfactory result. Lutein plays a role in two aspects. First, lutein is an anti-oxidant that can scavenge free radicals in the eye and prevent oxidative damage of the free radicals to the retina, lens and vitreous and prevent the occurrence of these common eye diseases. Second, lutein is an important visual material to produce vision, through the biochemical changes in the retina of lutein to produce visual nerve signals and make the brain have a clear vision. If there is a lack of lutein in the eyes, we will see something unclear, as if the copyrighted paper that was lacking in toner was not clear.

Vegetables containing more lutein cabbage, spinach, mustard, dark green cauliflower, corn, pumpkin, etc .; containing more lutein fruits are kiwi, grapes, oranges and so on. According to research, the lightest food containing lutein is kiwifruit, followed by yellow corn and egg yolk. People wanting to get enough lutein must eat these lutein-rich fruits and vegetables. The study also found that lutein can not only protect the human eye, to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer, reduce the incidence of heart disease also has a role. Therefore, in daily life, should pay attention to supplement lutein.

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