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Anti-fog Haze Protective Mask

Anti-fog Haze Protective Mask

Product Name:Anti-fog haze protective mask


The outer layer material is non-woven fabric, which supports stereoscopic 3D design and blocks dust.

The filter layer material is high-efficiency electrostatic filter cotton, and the filter fine particle mask is covered by high-efficiency filter material, and the airflow for inhalation is not left blank.

The exhalation valve can quickly exhaust the exhaust gas and water vapor in the chamber.

It has a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for particles above 0.3 microns, 30 grams of depilated PP non-woven fabric, comfortable to wear, not allergic, suitable for any group of people to wear.

The ear piece is made of PE soft plastic, and the elastic band is equipped with elastic band, which can adjust the length according to the size of different human heads.


Sealed when inhaling, blocking the entry of polluted air.

Aerodynamically designed bonnet guides airflow away from the eye, preventing fogging of the glasses.

Easy to open when exhaling, lower exhalation resistance, easy to discharge heat and moisture.

Wearing method

1. Put the mask on the face, so that the nose is clamped to the nose, and the chin is wrapped under the mask;

2. Pull the upper headband over the top of the head 1 and place it over the top of the head;

3. Pull the lower headband over the head 1 and place it under the back of the neck;

4. Use both hands to adjust the shape of the nose clip to ensure adhesion;

5. Use to cover the mask and exhale. If you feel gas coming out of the nose, tighten the nose clip; if the air comes out from the edge, re-adjust the headband to ensure the adhesion.

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