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Plant Anion Machine

Plant Anion Machine

Product Name: Plant Anion Machine

Product Name: Plant Anion Machine

The principle of Plant negative ion machine:


Electric pulse to stimulate hydroponic plant roots produce negative oxygen ions


When the electrical pulse stimulates the roots of hydroponic plants such as Phnom Penh Agave, the concentration of negative oxygen ions generated at 1 meter reaches an average of 120,000.


Negative oxygen ions found in scientific research is very important for good health. If you go to Forest Park, people will be relaxed and happy. In the supermarket inside, in the bustling city, people love to sleep, less energetic, the core is negative oxygen ion content varies greatly. Supermarkets, bustling metropolitan negative oxygen ion is 30, in many cases negative oxygen ions are 0, and Forest Park has 5000,10000,20000 negative oxygen ions, Wuyi Mountain up to 121,000 negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen in the air can make people energetic, relaxed and happy.


Plant-based anion generator principle is set by the electrical and mechanical experts to stimulate a stimulator, the roots of hydroponic plants hydroponic roots will be stimulated to produce a lot of negative oxygen ions. After many experiments, the experts designed a stimulator on the following, hydroponic plant placed in the middle after the electric insert to produce a lot of negative oxygen ions. Within two meters are equivalent to the air of the forest park.


According to the test, indoor negative oxygen ions are generally about 500, through the "plant negative ion generator" can produce more than 20,000 negative oxygen ions. In other words, as long as less than two meters can breathe the equivalent of the forest park's air, you can make people in the room continued vitality. However, experts also found that of the 309 families and 30,000 species tested in their families, only 18 of the 69 plants tested produced large amounts of negative oxygen ions. The maintenance of these 18 kinds of plants is to replace the water and nutrient solution. Plant categories are relatively common, for example, "Agave" can be raised at least six months, "colorful iron" and "three-color iron" can raise about three months.





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