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Medical Neck Massager

Name: Medical neck massager
Type: PG-2601B7
Weight: 630Gg
Power: Instrument 6V DC≤6W Controller CR2032 Button Battery 3V DC
Electric Impulsefrequency: 1-1000Hz
Width of Electric Impulse: 20-400us
Wave of electric impulse: Square Wave
Gift Box Size: 248*228*75mm
Heating Temperature: +40°c~+48°c(Under the temperature of 25 celcius)


Electric pulse upgrade, from traditional mechanical tapping, upgrade to electric pulse simulation massage, tapping, extrusion, kneading and other highly simulated human massage techniques.

New cycle vibrations are added. Many massagers do not have a vibration function, and a new vibration function is added to soothe the cervical muscles through vibration.

Temperature-controlled hot pack upgrade, innovative carbon fiber heating elements, upgrade temperature control, safer, more comfortable, easy to care for the cervical spine.

By stimulating neurons to relax, repair, improve cervical dislocation, and promote blood circulation, it is completely different from physical massage. It comes with two battery sensors, local radiation stimulation to the cervical vertebrae, blood circulation, and muscles. Relaxation.


First, improve dizziness:

After using the cervical vertebra meter for a few minutes, it can help stimulate the acupoints of the back of the head, improve the symptoms of dizziness in some patients, and help improve the reaction and thinking ability.

Second, ease the stiff neck:

The slight stiff neck can be warmed by the cervical vertebra instrument and combined with the low frequency electric pulse massage of the cervical vertebra instrument, which can effectively stabilize the symptoms.

Third, prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis:

Symptoms of early cervical spondylosis, such as a stiff neck, soreness or mild pain after cooling, can be used to improve symptoms, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, and prevent cervical spondylosis.

Fourth, relieve neck pain:

The neck is prolonged and the muscles are stiff with mild dull pain and soreness. It is relieved by using a cervical vertebrae on the sitting position.

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