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2018 China Australia New Era Health Summit wii held in Beijing
Jun 07, 2018

In order to further implement the "Implementing a Healthy China Strategy" proposed by the 19th National Congress of the General Secretary of the Internship Jinping General Secretary, "actively respond to the aging of the population and build a policy system and social environment for the elderly, filial piety, respect for the elderly," and "focus the development on human happiness. Sense and other great strategic ideas, the 2018 China-Australia New Era Great Health Summit Forum will be held in Beijing on June 21, 2018.

This forum is jointly organized by the organizing committee of the 2018 China-Australia New Era Great Health Summit Forum and China-Australia related industry associations and enterprises. The Chinese members of the Forum Organizing Committee include: China Aged Cultural Exchange Promotion Association and China Building Technology Group Limited. The Institute for the Aged Research Institute of the Company, the Beijing Chaoyang District Women Entrepreneurs Association, and the China Health Alliance (Beijing) Elderly Care Services Co., Ltd.; Australian companies include: CCIA Business Holdings (CCIA Commercial Holdings Limited), Darling Downs Tourism (Valentines Land of Queensland) Tourism Promotion Bureau), Ovideo Media.

This forum is jointly organized by the organizing committee of the 2018 China-Australia New Era Grand Health Summit Forum and China-Australia related industry associations and corporate institutions. Academic support is provided by the Health Care Industry Alliance and the Australian National Pension Care Association.

The theme of the event is "China-Australia Health - New Era, New Resources, and New Cooperation". The purpose of the summit is to realize the establishment of an effective international resource platform for the "Healthy China 2030" program, and to promote the common development of China-Australia health industry. , To provide an effective and effective platform for communication and cooperation.

The forum will invite Australia's "Kang-Mei-Yang-You" four well-known corporate representatives to come to Beijing and gather together with many domestic health industry experts and entrepreneurs for in-depth exchanges. The forum will discuss how to make full use of China's and Australia's complementary advantages and resources, and conduct multi-faceted win-win cooperation in the development of China's large-scale health industry; discuss how to build a world-class “healthy life, leisure and health, cultural exchanges, happy old age” The platform for industrial cultural exchanges and cooperation; discusses how to create anti-seasonal leisure and health preservation with the characteristics of China and Australia under the new era of great health trends, and realize the path to healthy living destinations.

The forum will further promote the joint development of China-Australia's health industry, how to introduce new Australian resources into China, how to effectively allow more people to understand Australia, and focus on providing a better 50+ (50+) population for China. Life, provide more international quality resources, and provide an effective resource docking platform.

The one-day summit will be held on June 21st (8:30-17:30) at the International Conference Center of China Academy of Building Research, North Third Ring Road.

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