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The Genaral Manager Mr Song Was Invited To Attend The Annual Meeting Of Hunan Botanical Extract Association And The 9th China Summit Forum On Planting
Feb 11, 2018

Changsha, a city of heroic proportions; a place where a great leader was bornd who created the People's Republic of China, a scholar was determined to wave his finger at Jiangshan and boost his writing. . . , Looking orange Island head, leading China's great holy land!

Changsha, National Agricultural Technology Industrial Development Zone, Yuan Longping Technology Industrial Park, a national agricultural land!

On January 13, 2018, we gathered in Changsha. Ming City International Hotel, together with industry friends from all over the country, celebrated the successful conclusion of 2018 Annual Meeting of Hunan Plantation and the 9th China Planting Summit!


In the first day,we are invited to attend the welcome party and dinner with more than six handrands of friends come from the same fields and the related business units.





These guests were invited to participate this party have the government-related departments, and well-known domestic and foreign experts and scholars, the famous business leaders, etc.We also witnessed together the best award winners in the past year of 2017.

The next day, we opened up to nearly 9 hours of speech forums about this fields,and the last day,we are invited to visit 2 famous factories.



General speaking,this annual meeting with high standards, rich programs, organized perfect, exciting forum content, to offer everyone a good chances to exchange, it's very successful!


Welcome to exchange and cooperate with China Xi'an Nutrend,please leave the message to Mr Jason:,thanks!