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Two Drug Shows Of CPhI China 2018 And API China 2018 Will Gather In Shanghai
Jun 07, 2018

  For any industry, holding industry exhibitions regularly every year can not only promote trade, increase sales, but also discuss and analyze certain issues in the industry to promote sound development of the industry, especially in recent years. Frequent, larger scale, more attention.

   CPhI China 2018 and API China 2018, two well-known pharmaceutical exhibitions gathered in Shanghai in 2018, will attract many well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to participate in the grand event. This is an exciting news for all pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, because participating in the CPhI China 2018 and API China 2018 shows not only the wealth, but also more.

   Since the beginning of 2000, the successful holding of the first session of the CPhI China exhibition has made people understand that the exhibition is not only a promotional event for displaying merchant products and technologies, expanding channels, promoting sales, and spreading brands. This is a concrete manifestation of a country’s overall national strength. How to catch up with the developed countries' pharmaceuticals at the start so late, reduce the cost of imported procurement patents, and independently develop and produce, all of which require examinations and solutions.

    In the years when CPhI China 2018 and API China 2018 took root in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, CPhI China 2018 and API China 2018 continued to extend upstream and downstream of the industry chain, creating an authoritative trading platform for the API industry and leading a batch of API companies to the global market. , And through the development of the industry, constantly changing, subdividing the industrial sector, extending to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

     In 2017, a total exhibition scale of 160,000 square meters was organized by the European Bohm Exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd. and the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products, co-organized by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., attracting more than 2,800 companies at home and abroad. To be exhibited, the number of visitors will reach 65,000.

    The work of CPhI China 2018 and API China 2018 in Shanghai will not be ignored for the pharmaceutical industry in China. In particular, after China’s accession to the WTO, the Olympic Games and the World Expo have been held successively, allowing more people in the world to recognize China and to come to China. CPHI China 2018 and API China 2018 have created a good atmosphere for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to go abroad. .

    Our company China Xi’an Nutrend Biotechnology Co., Ltd will also attend this two fair as uauall. we are a professional high-tech enterprise which is committed to research, development,production and sales of plant active ingredients and microbial fermentation products.

     As a global supplier,our main products includes: Saw Palmetto Extract,Grape Seed Extract, Lycopene, Tribulus Terrestris Extract,Phosphatidylserine,Epimedium Extract, Capcisin,Resveratrol, Guarana Extract,Cola Nut Extract and act... more than 50 sorts of hot extracts which are required by the global countries.Besides our existing products, we also can produce according to the samples or the exactly requirments of the customers. We control the product quality stricktly for every step during the manufacturing.

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