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Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Product Name: Cistanche Tubulosa Extract
Herb Source:Cistanche Deserticola L
Part used:Root
Specifications:Cistanche glycosides 40% -85% HPLC;
Acteoside 4%-12% HPLC;Verbascoside1%,2%,3.5% HPLC;
Echinacoside5%,8%,10%,25%HPLC;M-1 extract:
Verbascoside≥3.5%,Echinacea≥8% HPLC,UV;M-2 extract:
Verbascoside≥9%,Echinacea≥20% HPLC, UV;S-1 extract
(water-soluble):Phenyletha noside≥40%, Echinacea≥30%
HPLC,UV;S-2 extract (water-soluble):Phenylethanol
glycosides≥50%,Echinacea≥40% HPLC,UV;
Appearance:Fine brown powder
Test Methord: TLC,HPLC,UV
CAS NO.:82854-37-3;61276-17-3

Product Name: Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Herb Source:Cistanche Deserticola  L

Part used:Root


Cistanche glycosides 40% -85% HPLC; acteoside 4% -12% HPLC;

Verbascoside 1.0%,2.0%,3.5% HPLC;Echinacoside 5%,8%,10%,25% HPLC;M-1 extract:Verbascoside ≥3.5%,Echinacea ≥8% HPLC, UV;M-2 extract:Verbascoside ≥9%, Echinacea ≥20% HPLC, UV;S-1 extract (water-soluble):Phenyletha noside ≥40%, Echinacea ≥30% HPLC, UV;S-2 extract (water-soluble):Phenylethanol glycosides ≥50%, Echinacea ≥40% HPLC, UV;

Appearance:Fine brown powder

Test Methord: TLC,HPLC,UV

CAS NO.:82854-37-3;61276-17-3


Modern medical research shows that it has many functions such as improving kidney function, enhancing memory, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and improving immunity.


Long-term consumption of Cistanche tubulosa has obvious effects of tonifying kidney, increasing strength and nourishing the heart. Enhance memory Add brain nutrition to activate cells, enhance brain cell vitality, nourish the brain, and improve memory. The active ingredient phenylethanol glycosides of Cistanche tubulosa can pass through the blood brain barrier and enter the brain to significantly increase and extend the cerebral nerve cells, directly acting on the mitochondria in the brain cells, enhancing the elasticity of the brain cell membrane, thereby increasing brain volume and promoting brain The metabolism of the cells, in turn, delays the aging of brain cells. Nutritional brain can promote energy synthesis to improve memory, keep the brain awake, and keep brain cells persistent. It is very beneficial to improve observation, attention, thinking, imagination, responsiveness and learning ability. Repair cells, supplement the brain's need for nutrition, improve headaches, dizziness, fatigue, lack of energy, insomnia and other adverse symptoms.The active ingredient in Cistanche tubulosa provides the energy needed for the time-promoting agent and synthetic memory factor to make the mitochondria work more efficiently; provide high-efficiency antioxidants, repair mitochondrial damage caused by oxidation, and restore mitochondria to normal function, thereby achieving Strengthen brain function, enhance memory, and delay and improve various adverse conditions caused by human aging. Thereby relieving mental stress, changing health status and improving sleep quality.


Liver protection

The functional ingredient of Cistanche tubulosa can increase the expression of apoptosis-inhibiting genes, reduce the expression of pro-apoptotic genes, reduce the apoptosis and necrosis, and increase the survival rate of cells, thereby realizing the effect on primary hepatocytes. Protective effects.


Tyrosinase is a key enzyme in the synthesis of melanin. The phenylethanol glycosides, a functional component of Cistanche tubulosa, have a significant down-regulation of tyrosinase activity, and the effect on tyrosinase is competitive reversible inhibition. It also provides a scientific basis for the development and utilization of whitening ingredients in Cistanche.

Antioxidant, anti-aging

Cistanche polysaccharides can delay the physiological deterioration of organs and the morphological degeneration of cells. All of the above components can play an antioxidant and anti-aging effect.


The functional ingredient phenylethanol glycosides (mainly including echinacoside and verbascoside) in Cistanche tubulosa can effectively protect nerve cells, inhibit neuronal apoptosis, improve cell survival rate, repair neurons, and effectively resist Alzheimer's disease. Ill, anti-Parkinson's disease.



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