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Griffonia Seed Extract

Griffonia Seed Extract

Product Name: Griffonia Seed Extract
Herb Source: Griffonia Seed
Part used: Griffonia Seed
Specifications:95%,98%, 99%
Appearance:white powder
Test Methord: HPLC
CAS NO.: 56-69-9

Product Name:  Griffonia Seed Extract

Herb Source: Griffonia Seed

Part used: Griffonia Seed

Specifications:95%,98%, 99%

Appearance:white powder

Test Methord: HPLC

CAS NO.: 56-69-9

Molecular Formula:C11H12N2O3

Molecular Weight:220.2246


• Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds P.E. is not a synthetic drug, but is extracted from a natural source, the seed of the Griffonia plant, and is therefore not vulnerable to the processing contamination that caused the tryptophan scare in 1989;

• Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds P.E. passes into the brain immediately without the difficult wait that tryptophan has, giving a more rapid absorption;

• Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds P.E. has been found to exert significant protection against free-radical formation and oxidative damage;

• Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds P.E. is estimated to be 25 times more effective for improving brain function than tryptophan;


1.Control human emotions and improve sleep quality, and can effectively control appetite and improve the sensitivity of the satiation center, reduce weight loss during diet control, reduce hunger , Making the weight loss process easier and easier to reach.

2.5-HTP and Insomnia. The relationship between 5-HTP and sleep (good sleep) has been well-established. In fact, 5 HTP supplement isseen to be better than melatonin in promoting good sleep and alleviating insomnia. It is able to increase the quality of sleep withouthangover or drugged feelings which are usually present with sleeping pills and sedatives.

3.5-HTP and Depression. Many people have already enjoyed the benefits of 5-HTP against depression. It is reportedly as effective as anti- depressants in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

4.5-HTP and Anxiety. Low serotonin levels can lead to abnormal anxiety. With HTP, there is a good chance for serotonin to go back to its natural level, so you can feel normal again.

5.5-HTP and Weight Loss. If you would like to lose weight, 5-HTP may do wonders for you as well. An appetite too healthy may be caused by low serotonin levels. Taking in 5-HTP can normalize these levels. At the same time, 5-htp supplements can decrease your food intake by creating a feeling of fullness. It also is able to increase the secretion of the hormone leptin (an appetite regulator) thus resulting to enhanced weight loss.

6.5-HTP and Bipolar Disorder. Clinical studies have shown the anti-depressant effect of 5HTP supplement for those suffering from bipolar II disorder. 5-HTP can alleviate and reduce to improve the general quality of life of bipolar sufferers.

7.5-HTP and Fibromyalgia. One of the major benefits of 5-HTP is the help that it gives for people with fibromyalgia. It helps improve sleep while at the same time reduce depression, pain, stiffness and anxiety - all of which are symptoms of this condition.

8.5-HTP and Headaches. 5-hydroxytryptophan supplement has also been used for treating chronic headaches such as tension headaches, juvenile headaches and migraine. These are conditions which may be related to low serotonin. 5-HTP has the ability to reduce the severity and frequency of these conditions, with fewer side effects compared to other chronic headache medications.


1. 5-HTP can be used as raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, anti-depressants, anti-tumor and sedation,  it is widely  used  in fields of pharmaceutical and health products;

2. 5-HTP can be used as insomnia,other similar symptoms of psychasthenia and lose weight product raw material, it is widely used in health products industry;

3. 5-HTP can be usedas dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, it is wide used in field of dietary supplement  products;

4. 5-HTP can be used as products of sedative and anti-bacterial, they are widely used to add to beauty product incosmetic  industry.


Antidepressant -100-300mg / day, 2-4 weeks can improve sleep 100mg / times, 3 times a day,Sleep effect 200-400mg / day, taking 30 minutes before going to bed.




1. 1-5kg with double plastic container inside/aluminum foil bag outside. 10kg with double plastic container inside/carton outside. 25kg with double plastic container inside/fiber drum outside or it is at your option.

2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

3. Shelf Life:Two years under well storage situation.




Our Advantages:

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