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Senna Leaf Extract

Senna Leaf Extract

English name: Senna leaf extract. Fanxieye P.E.
Latin Name: Cassia angustifolia Vahl
CAS No.: 81-27-6
Molecular forula: C42H38O20
Molecular Weight: 862.75 
Active ingredients: Sennosides A, Sennosides B
Specification: Senna Leaf Saponins 8%,20%;Ratio extract:5:1,10:1,20:1.
Use Part : Leaf
Appearance: Light brown fine powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh
Test Method: UV/HPLC

English name: Senna leaf extract. Fanxieye P.E.

Latin Name: Cassia angustifolia Vahl

CAS No.: 81-27-6

Molecular forula: C42H38O20

Molecular Weight: 862.75

Active ingredients: Sennosides A, Sennosides B

Specification: Senna Leaf Saponins 8%,20%;Ratio extract:5:1,10:1,20:1.

Use Part : Leaf

Appearance: Light brown fine powder

Mesh size: 80 Mesh

Test Method: UV/HPLC

Main function

Senna Leaf Extract has the effect of promoting intestinal gastric peristalsis and diarrhea.

1. Cathartic effect: senna infusion contains anthraquinone derivatives, its cathartic effect and irritation more than other laxatives.
2. Antibacterial inhibition: senna extract alcohol resistant variety of bacteria such as staphylococcus, diphtheria bacillus, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus, and escherichia coli, the water extract useful only for Salmonella typhi.
3. Hemostasis: senna powder can increase platelet and fibrinogen, reduced clotting time, recalcification time, prothrombin time and blood clot contraction time, help to stop the bleeding
4. Muscle relaxation: senna can block acetylcholine at the motor nerve terminals and skeletal joints, so that muscle relaxation.


1. Senna leaf Extract can clear the stomach and purge heat, defaecate and use diuretic of hydragogue to alleviate water retention;

2. It also helps to temporarily prevent fluid from being absorbed from the large intestine, thus contributing to softer stools;

3. Senna leaf Extract is used in the treatement of constipation, working through a stimulation of intestinal peristalsis




1. 1-5kg with double plastic container inside/aluminum foil bag outside. 10kg with double plastic container inside/carton outside. 25kg with double plastic container inside/fiber drum outside or it is at your option.

2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

3. Shelf Life:Two years under well storage situation.




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