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Wild Oat Extract Beta-Glucan

Wild Oat Extract Beta-Glucan

English name: Wild Oat Extract Beta-Glucan
Latin Name: Oat β-glucan
Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
CAS NO.: 9004-54-0
Plant source: Oat seed
Active Ingredient: Beta-Glucan
Specification: 20%-70%

English name: Wild Oat Extract Beta-Glucan

Latin Name: Oat β-glucan 

Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder

CAS NO.: 9004-54-0

Plant source: Oat seed

Active Ingredient: Beta-Glucan 

Specification: 20%-70%


Wild Oat Extract Beta-Glucan is polysaccharide of D-glucose monomers linked by β-glycosidic bonds. Beta Glucan is a diverse configuration. They occur most commonly as cellulose in plants, the bran of cereal grains, the cell wall of baker's yeast, certain fungi, mushrooms and bacteria. Some forms of beta glucans are useful in human nutrition as texturing agents and as soluble fiber supplements, but can be problematic in the process of brewing.Oat is a rich source of the water-soluble fibre (1,3/1,4) Beta Glucan, and its effects on health have been extensively studied the last 30 years. Oat Beta Glucan Powder are the only dietary fiber being recognized by the European

Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to be able to reduce a disease risk. Oat Beta Glucan Powder can  be highly concentrated in different types of oat brans.



1. Promoting wound healing: Oats contain rich in zinc, can promote wound healing.

2. Prevent menopause obstacles: Rich in vitamin E can expand and peripheral vascular, improve blood circulation,

adjust the physical condition, so can reduce menopause obstacles symptoms.


1.Applied in food field, to be used to prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

2.Applied in health product field, to be used as raw material added into health product.

3.Applied in cosmetic field, to be used to hold skin full water (it has excellent moisture effect).

4.Prevent osteoporosis: to prevent osteoporosis, in addition to increasing calcium intake, the body cannot lack the manganese! Because oats contain manganese, so also can indirectly prevent osteoporosis.

5. Others: the functions of preventing anaemia, controling weight, etc





1. 1-5kg with double plastic container inside/aluminum foil bag outside. 10kg with double plastic container inside/carton outside. 25kg with double plastic container inside/fiber drum outside or it is at your option.

2. Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

3. Shelf Life:Two years under well storage situation.




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